What is Maxis Postpaid?

Maxis Postpaid Plan (formerly known as MaxisONE Plan) is the Internet Plan which offer limitless voice, SMS and bundle with Mobile Internet for Maxis postpaid customers.
It is a plan for Individual usage only.

I am currently on Maxis Postpaid 98, can I enjoy 30GB All Day Data? How can I get it?

Yes, you have an option to pay an additional RM10 monthly fee to merge the 20GB all day data and 10GB 4G weekend data into 30GB all day data.
Just walk in to any nearby Maxis Centre or call 123 to change rate plan to Maxis Postpaid 108.

If I am on Maxis Postpaid 108 with a device contract, is it possible for me to subsequently downgrade to Maxis Postpaid 98?

Yes you may downgrade. However, you will incur the early termination charge as per your signed device contract which is calculated based on:

Penalty Amount = [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – Upfront Cost) x (Remaining month(s) ÷ 24 months)] + RM 100